Azure Guardian

Azure Guardian

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T. Arth By TiffyFluff Updated Sep 26, 2015

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"You know that phrase "Touched by an Angel"..?
Try being body slammed by one." 

Rosaline is the local baker of a small town in California. Just your average girl with a serious mental monologue problem, a bit of a weight problem, and a whole lot of family issues.
When she is invited to her best friend's wedding in Paris, she doesn't expect any of that to change. That is until she gets body-slammed by a naked hunk.

Given her own piece of Heaven, via a crash landing Adonis of an Angel, Rosaline is torn out of her painfully average every-day human world and thrust into the supernatural world of Angels VS Demons. 

She was never been particularly good at staying out of trouble no matter how hard she tried. Landing herself between a violent grudge match between Heaven and Hell, and confusing feelings for a heavenly being turns into a normal Tuesday.

Now with a literal piece of pure Heaven shadowing her, demons flinging themselves at her from every corner, and a wedding to help plan, she's going to need all the help she can get.

On Hiatus for the time being, will return shortly! 

--Highest Rank: #534 in Fantasy --

The cover of your story grabbed my attention, the blurb held my interest, and this first paragraph although simple made me love it already.
prisca09 prisca09 Apr 10
That is my answer next time someone asks me how much I weigh 😂
Violett_Night Violett_Night May 17, 2015
Attention caught. . .
                              Now let's see where this goes. . .
                              Update :)