Polka Dots | ✓

Polka Dots | ✓

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She saw them as uncharacteristic. He saw them as an unconventional aphrodisiac.

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so when he plays a board game people are like “roll the dice!”
wait he has a polka dot fetish and he gets horny?! oh my god
i wanna name them 
                              jake and quesadilla, logie and taco, sisa and salsa, talu and nala, dalie and maritomandumalanie and josh and tyler
almosts almosts Mar 31, 2016
this was literally my fave thing back in 2015 so here we go again 😻
Nileshere Nileshere Jan 22, 2016
It's beginning to look a lot like 50 shades of grey. Oh well, I never bough that book so I'm looking ahead to the story :)
- - Dec 19, 2015
lol I'm wearing a polka dotted jumper everybody thinks is ridiculous when I discovered this had to read it