You're Mine (A Mafia Story) (#Wattys2016)

You're Mine (A Mafia Story) (#Wattys2016)

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The world is truly only yea big, regardless of contrary belief.  

My entire life was littered in struggles, yet I've always been the person who looks for the rainbow after the storm. It's been only thing to keep me going since I can remember, and even that wasn't enough. Just when I tried to stop looking for that rainbow, it found me and grounded me. Here. 

"Finally, you're mine."  
Regina has had a terrible past. A sick mother, a gambling and abusive father, and -no one. She had no friends because of her struggle to make something of herself; cool kids didn't study all the time. Even for her age, she's sacrificed everything in hopes of earning a scholarship so that she can take her mother out of their decrepit state of living. Crestfallen when she fails, her family is driven into poverty soon after. Her mother dies of illness and her father abandoned her. She has to pinch and grind to make it every day. 

So can you imagine how she feels when the savior she dreams of comes along? Neither can she, for she never expected him to be so-so....


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mscarrot6 mscarrot6 Jan 03
Please tell me this doesn’t go by 10000 mph when they meet
sweetniny69 sweetniny69 Oct 14, 2017
Well i guess everyone thought of damon because it said black hair..stephan has brown hair
Dcv6dY2zM Dcv6dY2zM Mar 16, 2017
everyone here is like damon, am i the only one who thought of stefan? :$
wAlKing_BreAtH wAlKing_BreAtH Dec 17, 2017
Salvatore is not s common last name. It is from the olden times and is usually a rich family name. So dis be no coincidence. DAMON AND STEFON R COMIN BACK