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trisha By sadult Updated 8 months ago
[on hold] When Ella decides to get a tattoo, she doesn't know that in only a few short months she will fall in love, become the canvas of her painter, and have her heart broken by someone who cannot be fixed.
    This is the story of a boy, a girl, and a tattoo parlour.
I've decided to read the entire book over again since this book is amazing :)
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I love Selena, which is what originally drew me to the story, but I absolutely love it!
Argh love love love this story, actually cannot believe you are only 14, I wish I could write like this when I was 14:( x
YOU CHANGED THR COVER AGAIN!!! are you trying I have a vote or something bc If u are I choose the 1st one!
                                    U CHANGED THE COVER!!!! I like both this ones leaves you in a mestirious  and happy mood the other one leaves you in a EXTRA mestirious mood they both are AMAZING!! Start soon plz!