All I Wanted was a Chance

All I Wanted was a Chance

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**Sequel to All I Wanted Was A Mate**

Annalee Evens has had it rough when she lost her family, almost her mate, and her baby. 
Can things get worse when she finds out her curse does more then control her offspring?
Can things get complicated when secrets surface?
Can she take it?
Or will it all end in a flash?


Please read book one before this one or it will make no sense!
Votes and comments are extremely appreciated. 
Believe me the journey is far from over.
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French- @unepoetedisparue

hmmmm this reminds me of cassandra clare's way of starting the next book... it doesn't start from were it finished 
                              no hate though, love both authors
My mum had three miscarriages. She had me, miscarriage, my sister, miscarriage, miscarriage.
Alyssamaeg Alyssamaeg Sep 06
Lmao she skipped up them stairs cause she knew she was gonna get some dïck
SamaRulez SamaRulez Jul 06
Ya just a little we definitely didn't go from responsible and hard-working to sexy and good in bed *note the sarcasm*
SamaRulez SamaRulez Jul 06
I love it like the first book u r my new favourite author and I am going to read all ur books
My mom has had miscarriages before and her eldest daughter my half sister is 19 she had her miscarriages at a young age I think 15