Heavy Metal Lover

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vavavoom By vavavoom Updated a year ago
Selena, abandoned when she was 16, has never had life come easy to her. She lives with her best and only friend, Whitney Boulregard, and they both work at Mrs. Lee's Men Lounge, or just another name for a strip club. All her life she's done things she hasn't wanted to, but when something she wants comes her way...she has no idea what to do..
Does this book even have anything to do with heavy metal? Not to be rude. I really like it so far but why is it called "heavy metal lover"?
Loved it! :D but poor her!! D: still, you have a nice writing style!! Update more please!!
@vavavoom - Thanks for the fan, and im returning a favour. 
                                    This is an amazing book, a good cover and a good story plot. I will be adding it to my reading list and voting for it frequently. 
                                    Love it! :)
I LOVED THE PLOT! i will read moree! sounds AWESOME! and interesting! OOOHH IAN SOMERHALDER AS CAST! NICEE! :D i will read more just as soon as i can! loved this btw! the prologue :D and i loved the summary, so yeah! i will read more! it kept me intrigued!
Sounds like a very interesting story. I didn't see any big mistakes. Oh, I love Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!! :)
I usually dont read these type of stories, but I like this one, and you have very good grammar, but one thing. In the first sentence when you say "Selena, that guy at the end of the bar looks like her needs another drink" You need to fix 'her' into 'he' then you will be set :D