The Soulmate Trilogy: Unwanted Dreams

The Soulmate Trilogy: Unwanted Dreams

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rockermp3 By rockermp3 Updated Mar 05, 2011

Kassiya Richie is not your average 16 year old student at St. Benedict High School. She has the ability to read minds as clearly as if you were speaking them aloud. With her best friends; Diana and Eric by her side, life is a beautiful thing -- despite the strange dreams she has of a gorgeous boy.
But when two new students come to school, Kassiya not only makes a new friend, but she also meets the man of her dreams. Literally.
Kassiya and Blake's relationship is on a high tide of problems and hate, until one boy comes into the picture, altering their lives to match the ones of the almost forgotten, crucial, Prophecy.
Chase Winters has been in love with Kassiya at first sight, but he is not hers, and she is not his. Facing love and anger toward the two, he turns away... until he hatches a plan that may not only change the very essence of the Prophecy, but may also create the end of the mind readers.

Meanwhile, Diana -- Kassiya's best friend -- has been having her own love issues. She must also choose between love and friendship between two boys she cares for deeply. But does she realize that her decision will unavoidably alter her and Kassiya's world?

Torn between two boys who love them endlessly; Kassiya and Diana must choose and make their decision. A decision that will possibly take a turn for the best... or end in the extinction of the Mind Readers.

But what all of them do not know... is that there is an unknown being watching their every move.

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