The East Pack

The East Pack

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Rachaelwrites By Rachaelwrites Updated Jul 15, 2015

Were the walls built to keep the monsters out, or the people inside? 

Levi ponders the question a lot. So when Hanji tells him she found a way out, he follows. There he meets one of the monsters; a werewolf named Eren. He didn't know why that simple kiss meant so much. But when he forced back inside the walls, his heart hurt.

~I don't own the characters, just the plot~

cutecrazyninjas cutecrazyninjas Oct 08, 2016
Me, I'm 2 inches shorter and I've stopped growing (well I stopped growing at 12 and haven't changed my height since.
bubblegriffen bubblegriffen Nov 23, 2016
Bro you are sitting in dirt right now looking at a stranger can't be to terribly word than that
cutecrazyninjas cutecrazyninjas Oct 08, 2016
Me: *talking to friend* are they mates now?
                              Friend: yep
                              Us: *reads this*
                              Friend: BITCH YOU GUESSED IT
                              Me: WHOA quite down
                              Friend: YOus right
SilverRaven0 SilverRaven0 Oct 21, 2016
Before I just imagine them as a college students though. Now I imagining Levi as a kid and I'm ded.
ji__sung ji__sung Mar 03, 2016
i feel like a giant v-v im 5'8 almost 9 and im 15 ;w; i want height reduction
ArcticBlitz ArcticBlitz Jan 11
I already knew this was Hanji wrong the moment I saw the word "observed"