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"Get out of there, Reagan! That bitch could be trying to kill you!" I heard in my ear, but of course I ignored. 

I found this intriguing. He was bowing down to me, Domonique was stepping to my family's level and it made me smirk in the inside because I enjoyed a challenge. 

"Yes, it's Reagan and I'm pretty sure you know I didn't come here to discuss the drowsy pictures hanging up around this pissy restaurant nor am I hear to discuss me."

He sniled, but I wasn't finished yet as I crossed my hands and my legs at his perfect smile. The lights were bright in the room and it only helped to convey his emotions for me right now and that smile.

"My family and I wanted everything to be crystal between us, good, but since your family would like to threaten to take our territory, you can fucking die trying."

I was about to stand up as he grasped my leg under the table while taking a sip of wine from his glass with his other hand. 

"Don't make thre--"

I smiled, as he let go of my leg. I reached my face over the table, up in his face. 

"We don't make threats, we make promises."

He smiled, and grabbed onto my chin. I looked into his eyes, as we sat toe to toe, head to head, and lips to lips. 

"Prove it, baby."


After losing her older brother, her only true guidance in life, Reagan Rose is stuck trying to figure who killed her brother mercilessly in the streets, but with everyone around her being the enemy, it's gonna be hard figuring out who the true killer is athand. 

   Domonic Phillips, with a bad childhood, and troubled mind, he finds hisself in a world of trouble and has to face his demons once he makes one fatal decision. 

Completed and Copyrighted.

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KahsiaSimeraa KahsiaSimeraa Aug 27, 2017
Damn. I just knew this was real. My attention has been grabbed. Continue
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DEAD!!!!!!!💀💀💀💀💀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😂💀😭😂😂💀😭😂😂😂💀😂😂Weak asf