Fifty Shades of Gray (GrayLu)

Fifty Shades of Gray (GrayLu)

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Lucy Heartfilia got caught up between a deal Gray Fullbuster made. 

Gray was the billionaire's son who will soon inherit the company, power and the responsibility along with it. He wouldn't agree with his father if it wasn't for the money offered but there was a catch, he has to be married to get the money! That's where Lucy came in, she's the breadwinner for her father and her but one day he just abandoned her like she didn't have a father at all, so behind all the blackmails and debts she's in, she's willing to be his wife for a year and live on their lives after it. 

But then problems arised and she's caught up between her true feelings for Gray, a confession from his best friend, a death threat from a psycho ex-girlfriend, the hatred of his sister for her and the blessings Gray's father have managed to give to her. 

Is she willing to sacrifice everything for this?

SAID TO BE BASED ON: "The Mischevious Mrs. Maxfield" by ninyatipett

#1 graylu whatshot December 2015

xXxnalu5evrxXx xXxnalu5evrxXx Aug 31, 2016
If I were Lucy, I would be like:
                              "So you want to do this every d- I mean again tomorrow?!"😅😅😅😅🤑🤑🤑🤑
My_Life_Is_Half_Joke My_Life_Is_Half_Joke May 16, 2016
Tbh the reason this book looked interesting to was not the desc, but that pun you decided to throw at me in the title
xXxnalu5evrxXx xXxnalu5evrxXx Sep 02, 2016
This is what you get for saying "no"😑😑😑😑😒😒😒😒
baleriag11 baleriag11 Nov 28, 2016
Plz dont accept he should at least like you he's basically Bribing you into marrige
GalaxySenpai GalaxySenpai Aug 05, 2016
I'm just gonna pretend this is a ×reader because I feel like it so now instead of Lucy its anakaren
baleriag11 baleriag11 Nov 28, 2016
So common sense is present at least mean the guy is a billionaire he could have any girl with no dignity because he's basically just buying her hand in marrige