The Alpha's Witch

The Alpha's Witch

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The world is a messed up place. Those who are different get treated horribly, we get persecuted and people pretend like we don't exist. Of course if you're a half breed then it varies. The normal and accepted half breeds are usually vampire/werewolves or werewolf/human or witch/fairy but not a witch/werewolf.
For Lina she was a reject of sorts. A being that shouldn't still be alive but was. Hated by her pack she knows her life will never be easy and with a war on the border of the horizon, she needs to work out where her real loyalties lie.

Killian was the ruthless leader and most feared Alpha in history, he did not feel and he did not care, all he cares about was purging the world of evil. 

On the night of the blue full moon, the wolves all gather to find their mates. What happens when he discovers that his mate is one of the species he is trying to purge and destroy?

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