My perfect hell (HARRY STYLES)

My perfect hell (HARRY STYLES)

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Candice Evans, a shy student at NYU finds herself being drawn towards her irresistible teacher and despite many attempts to stay away he gives her many more reasons to stay. 

"I've never kissed a teacher before." I whispered, more to myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Hell, kisses like that only happens in real life. 

"Well then, it was about time." I dared myself to stare into his green eyes, they were awfully close to mine and extremely dangerous, there was fire and flames dancing behind his pupils and for a second I thought I'd seen hell.

Sequel Letters from hell can be found here

Rain Drop
                              Drop Top
                              I'm getting all Wet
                              Daddy Stop Stop 
succmyharry succmyharry Aug 02
I'm so glad I follow you on Tumblr because it led me to this masterpiece
Re-reading 😍 Im not sure wether its a smart plan or not. Bc I tend to read a lot in class....
You could be preoccupied 
                              Different date every night 
                              You just got to........ sorry I had to  😛
"Daddy I've barely noticed anything you've said all semester"
I feel like the majority of people that have a daddy kink are directioners