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My perfect hell (HARRY STYLES)

My perfect hell (HARRY STYLES)

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WrittenSecretss By WrittenSecretss Completed

Candice Evans, a shy student at NYU finds herself being drawn towards her irresistible teacher and despite many attempts to stay away he gives her many more reasons to stay. 

"I've never kissed a teacher before." I whispered, more to myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. Hell, kisses like that only happens in real life. 

"Well then, it was about time." I dared myself to stare into his green eyes, they were awfully close to mine and extremely dangerous, there was fire and flames dancing behind his pupils and for a second I thought I'd seen hell.

Sequel Letters from hell can be found here

xoxo7777 xoxo7777 Nov 29, 2016
And I'd appreciate it if you wldnt interrupt me daydreaming pls and thx
boy I could already tell this is going to be my new fav story
StylesTheCupcakeAxx StylesTheCupcakeAxx Aug 22, 2016
Damn girl. Couldn't find a good fanfic for months lucky I found this ;)
hstylesclouds hstylesclouds Oct 04, 2016
it's the second paragraph of the book and I already love you
MsNinaR MsNinaR Dec 21, 2016
i'd like to take this moment to personally thank the gods for having me found this book. blessed 😊😍
BananananaBecca BananananaBecca Oct 26, 2016
Well if they were listening as well then I wouldn't have to.