{Currently Being Rewritten} My Father is Vongola Primo

{Currently Being Rewritten} My Father is Vongola Primo

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♕ティアラ♕ By CallMe72 Updated Sep 30, 2015

He's a crybaby when he's still a child but when he learned how to produce Sky Flames he became a Sky that nobody can't reach. He witnessed his mother die so he fought to protect his remaining loved ones. .

"Choose now. Run and live or be brave and die."

The Sun was out and the darkness enveloped the Sky.

"I trust you and you can trust me"

Everything turned black and empty

"And you know that I am not the child your looking for"

But he still shine when the darkness fall. Finally, The Bright Sky is back

"Your questions will be answered, especially the questions about your parents"

He's known as one of the toughest boy with intelligence and charm--the son of Vongola Primo. With strong faith, hope, good-will and their combined flames, they were really able to find the truth?

[Currently Being Rewritten. The plot is still the same but not exactly because I'm adding some twist and turns in this book. Thank you for Understanding :) ]

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66630D 66630D Jul 22
I laugh so hard, that I can barely type this.
                              Giotto did you went mental
ChiyoBunny ChiyoBunny Mar 09
Sunglasses in the middle of summer.. It's not really that weird ahhaha XD
66630D 66630D Jul 22
I feel so sad for Knuckles, his name was almost pronounced as 'Naked'
Ashley042605 Ashley042605 Oct 23, 2016
Giotto, are you okay? Were you drugged in broad daylight? But don't worry, that's how I react to CAKES~!!!
S1llyfox S1llyfox Dec 03, 2015
The story is great so far, but Just saying in Japanese watashi is the female word for I, boku is the male word for I, you probubly already know this and sence tsuna is a kid and a very feminine one at that, but just saying.
                              ~S1llyfox ^.^
- - Oct 25, 2015
Its ill cuff/ arrest you to death not bite you to death thats hibaris catch phrase not alaudes