The WereWolf's Odd Mate

The WereWolf's Odd Mate

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Tohrukisa By Tohrukisa11 Completed

Scarlett Johnson is a werecat, she's not an endangered species but she's never found anyone else like her. 

 So when a random boy enters her life saying that he's a werewolf and her mate, let me just say things will get weird.

FINISHED ON JUNE 1st, 2016!!!

Previously called 'The Werewolf And His Odd Mate'.

In need of much editing.

broccoli_is_good broccoli_is_good Aug 09, 2016
Horrible grammar like I mean how can the sky throw up its hands?? 😂😂😂 I'm just kidding btw, I'm excited to read another werecat werewolf book, carry on with your day now 😂😂
FallenCrownOfSpades FallenCrownOfSpades Jul 17, 2016
Too, it's supposed to be too, not either, either is the 'or'.
                              "I wanna go home, either that or read a book."
                              "I don't want to go to the party!"
                              "Me neither."
                              No offense, just wanted to point that out... I'm going now...
broccoli_is_good broccoli_is_good Aug 09, 2016
Ewww no pls don't let Jay be her mate... That's my dad's name 😂😂😰😰
Whovian2202 Whovian2202 Jun 20, 2016
Actually dogs can eat small amounts of vanilla ice cream. My dog got a free vanilla cone from burger King once! ;)