Three Mistakes (BoyxBoyxBoy)

Three Mistakes (BoyxBoyxBoy)

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Isaac, Andrew and Jamie are three brothers who just over a year ago were brought together when their younger brother, who they had lost contact with was sent to visit them. When memories start to resurface, and the heart can no longer be controlled tragedy hits them.

They soon have to learn how to work through the disaster that hit them, and the one they created after the mess. 

Can three mistakes lead to the end of everything?

(Warning!!! This is a boyxboy, this is also an incest story.)

This is the Sequel to Two Strangers Of brothers. You can try to read this without reading the first one, I don't know if it will make sense though.

MAJOR props to SeikaPhoenix for always doing my covers!! She's absolutely amazing!! Check her out.

#322 in Teen fiction! That's our highest yet guys!

neomu_kawaii neomu_kawaii Dec 09, 2016
Here am I reading this sequel after the last chapter of two brother of stranger...I hope this turn out to be the good ending...the happy one
I don't think u kill him, so I am going to try and read but if I find out u did I will not be able to read this for a while even though the first one was one of my al time favourite books
ToMuchPizza ToMuchPizza Nov 12, 2016
Plot twist. Drew is the main character because Jamie died. 
Hunter213645 Hunter213645 Oct 10, 2016
Well now that you're out of the hospital y'all can live your own life and slowly pay your dad back
Rosekiss360 Rosekiss360 Dec 14, 2016
I'm skipping to the end then I'll come back and read. The feels r too much right now.
LokiLoveyPocky LokiLoveyPocky Nov 18, 2016
Is this how you treat your sons!?  After what you did when they were kids!!!! YOU LEFT THIS THREE INNOCENT CHILDREN WITH A PSYCHOPATH MOM!!!!!!!!