Attack On Titan Crack ✔

Attack On Titan Crack ✔

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Anri Kita | 暗莉 北 By TheWitch_NextDoor Completed

Yep. AOT on crack. Enough said.
I don't own the characters and there will be spoilers in it so I will say in advance that if you can't read my spoiler alert, it's on you.

I take requests, and yea.....crack

*if you wish to use any parts of this please ask in advance*

i shouldnt laugh at this.. I'm a a really shitty human being
                              YOU TAKE YOUR RIGHT ARMOUT!
                              YOU PUT YOUR RIGHT ARMIN!
                              THEN THE TITAN BITES IT OFF!
                              You go crying like b*tch around
                              Because that's what SNK's all about!
                              (THE HEARTBREAK)
Never thought of this I literally died of laughter on the spot
*flips table* 
                              *sits in corner with Jean and silently cries*
DinaRohali DinaRohali Aug 28, 2015
I'm going to.. Plan Levi's wedding with his cleaning supplies