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He's a Cheater

He's a Cheater

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thewisenightowl By thewisenightowl Completed

Their love story was the definition of perfect. At least, in Mary's eyes. Jake was a sweet and caring person, who understood and respected her. And she loved him. 

Jake loved Mary too. Except he didn't think their love story was perfect. He knew it wasn't. 

Because he's a cheater. 

Take a journey through the cheater's eyes to see why anyone would think of doing the unforgivable.

(A/N): This book's not really my best, so please don't judge ALL of my writing based off of this. :)

NathansSyko NathansSyko Nov 22, 2016
You love her but you cheat on her WHAT KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT?
Kawaii_Gamer123450 Kawaii_Gamer123450 Dec 30, 2016
F7ck u, u don't deserve Mary! She deserves better than u, manwhore
I hate guys like this. And I know I'll have to deal with them later...
peaches4747 peaches4747 Dec 16, 2016
This boy sooo stupid. He should have thrown the lipstick and the tissue out the window. If Mary keeps her mags in the globe compartment, that means she opens the glove compartment.
Furrealdeal Furrealdeal Dec 22, 2016
Oh so he's unfaithful for pleasure? What a dickhead. He can go screw himself. Honestly, wtf this is so frustrating
amaristarr amaristarr Dec 21, 2016
You know what that's called?? FEELING GUILTY, DEAL WITH IT FUCKTARD