He's a Cheater

He's a Cheater

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Their love story was the definition of perfect. At least, in Mary's eyes. Jake was a sweet and caring person, who understood and respected her. And she loved him. 

Jake loved Mary too. Except he didn't think their love story was perfect. He knew it wasn't. 

Because he's a cheater. 

Take a journey through the cheater's eyes to see why anyone would think of doing the unforgivable.

(A/N): This book's not really my best, so please don't judge ALL of my writing based off of this. :)

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She made art with you both in it and you decide or cheat on her ?? Honestly there probably are no good excuses.... but imma keep reading cause this is really good
That's disgusting. I often understand how you sleep at night
Your saying you eel guilty and don't wanna lose her by then you do this ?
Damn ..... I thought the reason would be because she doesn't like you that much but she wants to hang out and your doing it with someone else
Well this what happens when your a WHOREASS Cheater. You deserve it.
I'm pretty sure she's probably looking at the lipstick at night crying