Raven Academy for the Extraordinary

Raven Academy for the Extraordinary

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Thank you for considering our special school. As in the title, our school is for the unique and extraordinary.

A few questions before we go further:

1. Are you different than your friends? Do you seem to never fit in amongst them?

2. Before discovering our school, has anything strange ever happened to you? Something unexplained?

3. Do you ever feel yourself being watched? Or have you ever seen someone multiple times as if they were following you?

Not to alarm you by any of these things but if you answered yes to all, please continue reading this. We have a feeling you belong at our school.

Is dad and u on the right side 
                              , or ur mom. Choose one, not both!
Finally! Someone who hasn't got red hair. (Auburn is the actual colour head, not ginger)
It's a two page essay. Two pages aren't that difficult to write
reading book for 2nd time even though I'm not done first time! #lifegoals i love this story!
crazy-fan crazy-fan Apr 24
I would have chosen Alice in Wonderland or The Picture Of Dorian Gray
What a way to start a book with bad news seriously now you're gonna make me weep😭