Rose Petals and Razor Blades (Sebaciel)

Rose Petals and Razor Blades (Sebaciel)

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--WARNING-- There is self-harm in this story. If this makes anybody uncomfortable or triggers them, I highly suggest not reading this.

Ciel Phantomhive has feelings for his butler, Sebastian. Ciel hasn't told Sebastian, thinking that the feeling is one-sided. Sebastian has feelings for his young master, but thinking the same thing, he keeps them to himself. A new mistress comes to town by the name of Jamie Hawkston. She catches the eye of the demon butler, and proceeds to seduce him. Ciel finds out, and his heart becomes broken. Over the pain, he begins to cut himself. Jamie realizes that Sebastian still has feelings for Ciel, and she becomes determined to get rid of Ciel and Sebastian's feelings one way or another. Jamie almost kills Ciel, and Sebastian becomes worried for his young master. 

Will Sebastian ever know that Jamie was the cause of this? What about his feelings toward Ciel? Will Ciel deal with the pain of Jamie and Sebastian, or will he take his own life?

This is my first Black Butler story, so I apologize for any mistakes. I will try my best to update, but school might get in the way. Constructive criticism is highly welcomed!

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EggosTrash EggosTrash Apr 09
I love Alois but.. Istg if he Ruins anything hell be a dead mofo
PythorellaVonSix PythorellaVonSix Sep 17, 2017
Why does this happen, huh? Sebastian-san you love your young master. 😈😈
C_hloeJane C_hloeJane Jul 07, 2017
Hmm I wonder why this happened when you can't find ciel... oh wait
DerpFacedCoconut DerpFacedCoconut Dec 06, 2016
Seppys Seppys Aug 07, 2016
Well ciel you obviously dont want him so ill take him off your hands * drags sebastian away in a bone crushing hug *
DemonicBitch DemonicBitch Aug 17, 2016
... Ciel... Don't eat butterflies, it's not healthy. IF YOU DONT WANT BASSY I'LL HAVE HIM!! *drags Sebastian away as he is helplessly reaching out for Ciel crying crocodile tears*