My Affiliations (BWWM)

My Affiliations (BWWM)

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taniya gross By -beetlejuece Updated Jul 26

"Love me." He begged after forcing her to kiss him. "Just tell me you love me." 

He kept pushing her head to the side everytime she tried to turn away. He wanted, no NEEDED for her to remain eye contact. He wanted her to see the nervousness and the anticipation in his eyes.

Her brown eyes widened in disbelief. Did he really believe that she could ever love him. 

After all the things he put her through.
After forcing her to leave her home. To leave behind her mother and her older brothers. 
After forcing her to say 'I love you' many times when they were in the public eye.
And forcing her to submit to him. With no mercy whatsoever.

She lightly shook her head, fear and nervousness radiating off of her body; scared of what he was going to do next she kept her eyes focused on the ground.

She heard him take a sharp breath before releasing it.

Her back arched in pain as he abruptly shoved her into the brick wall behind her, leaving a sharp pain on her lower back.

"After all this time! After caring for you and taking care of you and putting up with your constant wailing this is the thanks I get!" He shouted at her making her back down in fear. 

"I have done nothing but treat you with respect and gratitude. And when I finally tell you my feelings you have the audacity to shut me down. Who the hell do you think you are?"

Again she said nothing. All she could do was bow her head in fear, praying that he wouldn't hurt her again.

She flinched back when she saw him knock down the vases that were set up against the walls making them make a loud crash before shattering into pieces.

Her eyes watered slightly before allowing them to fall freely. Her eyes were set on the vases that were shattered on the floor. 

The only thing that she could comprehend was that she was like that vase.


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You just got rejected she don't want your heart - attetion Charlie puth
Que the music. Lights. Camera. ACTION! 🎶 "when you try your best but you don't succeeeeeed 🎶
Rejected rejected yeah you just got rejected
                              R-E-J-E-C-T-E-D rejected
But that's why you go on a date, to get to know that person.
Boi the next time you yell you gonna be yelling from six feet under bitch please
FreedomAwaits FreedomAwaits Jun 12, 2016
This first part was just absolutely amazing, I'm already drawn in and I love your look on the other types of black women; the shy and timid ones, like myself. I'm looking forward to reading this :)