The Pure White Wolf

The Pure White Wolf

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Alexandra By angelfire112 Completed

Werewolves. They exist in the same world as you and me, hiding among the humans, preying on the weak, discarding the people different to them. Some are more special than others, there are hundreds of them in the world, so what makes this girl so special, what makes her so beautiful, so kind, so innocent, yet so broken, bent and destroyed. Why is she the one who gets picked on, the different girl, the special one? 

please give this a chance, I know my description sucks and I know I'll be doing really slow updates, but I do have a life (I know, I can't believe it either) and sometimes I don't have the inspiration I need, so I'm just warning you now, I'm not going to be updating it whenever you demand it, I'll do it in my own time, and if that makes you not read it so be it, this isn't for the views, this is for my own enjoyment and experience. 

I know that was a bit harsh, but it had to be said so thank you and enjoy:) (also no hate)


Interesting prologue. Does this have anything to do w Snow White?
jewlezbalz jewlezbalz Feb 06
Same my family all has auburn or dark brown hair and has blue or brown eyes i have the lightest possible brown hair with green eyes !!!!😅
coolcatjoy coolcatjoy May 11
Out of all da families one is different and if you look through out all your family and find all of dem looking the same then your ...............................................................
shinnyyyy shinnyyyy Feb 21
Same with my sister😂 there's me, shannon(my sister) calvin(my brother) and Shanie(my sister). Me, Shannon&& Calvin have dark brown hair and full brown eyes(like my mum&dad) But Shanie has light brown hair with greenish-blue eyes😂
crazycraal crazycraal Jan 07
I photoshopped a picture of her with white hair and trust me she is beautiful @BlueLightingEyes
WhitesidesLover WhitesidesLover Nov 28, 2015
Funny because this Is legit me and my family I swear I'm adopted