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There and Gone Again (The Hobbit) - A Middle Earth Romance

There and Gone Again (The Hobbit) - A Middle Earth Romance

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Alva Eriksson By Alva_Eriksson Completed

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This was originally a writing experiment I started in 2014 to push me out of my comfort zone and finish a book. Although I've been writing for twenty years, I never could get the motivation to actually write something of substantial length. The experiment was successful, and as of 2017, I've written three books, two of them my original work. Thank you all for your feedback and support that led me to continue pursuing novels!

Kyna, an Emergency Room nurse from Prince George, British Columbia, deals with life and death nearly every day. Little does she know that her own life may be at risk when she totals her SUV after a night shift and ends up in a completely different place when she wakes up, a place that shouldn't even exist beyond the pages of one of her favourite books, The Hobbit. There she comes face to face with the King of the Woodland Realm, Thranduil, and his son Legolas.
  The darkness, and the strange creatures brought along with it, has been encroaching on the Realm of Thranduil, the elven King of Mirkwood for some time now. Despite his efforts, the elves of Mirkwood have been pushed further and further back into their cavernous halls. When his son, Legolas, discovers a strange woman, alone and in strange clothing, not far from their home, Thranduil's suspicion drives him to throw her in the dungeon. However, when he finally meets his otherworldly prisoner, he finds himself inexplicably drawn to her.
  Will he believe Kyna is a threat, or will he believe her outrageous story?
  Although There and Gone Again is written heavily with the lore provided in Tolkien's work in mind, it is a combination of both of the movies and the books.
  I claim no ownership to any of Tolkien's characters or his world. Comments are welcome and appreciated!
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  Cover design: Alva Eriksson

Lololllll Me too friend, I do the same things sometimes. Guilty as charged
Why do kne when you can do both? I've met so many people....while reading. My bff is Nicholas Flamel, after all :P
Unless of course you pull an MGIME and fall into a fictional world.. hehehe
Well guys it actually was originally published as a children's book. Thats was Tolkien's intention. Nowadays, though, children don't really read that stuff anymore so....
Wow O_O what's wrong with being single? ... not that I am or anything... nope, definitely not 
                              Forever alone
shelbywinter shelbywinter Nov 08, 2016
Um, with all the violence in it it's not meant for kids. It's rated PG-13. I've been watching it ever sense I was 5 though.