Blossom ( BBRae )

Blossom ( BBRae )

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Raven Roth and her parents have just moved to Jump City, hoping to escape their previous crime-prone neighborhood. Raven starts school and makes friends;  she even develops a crush on Garfield Logan, one of the more popular guys at Jump City High. 

She's happy and carefree until her father loses his job and starts drinking. It doesn't help that Terra Markov, Garfield's girlfriend, begins harassing her when she finds out about Raven's crush on Garfield. Raven starts showing signs of depression and secluding herself from everyone and everything around her, relying on listening to music to keep herself together. 

Garfield takes notice of this behavior and strives to help her get through her tribulations and enjoy life by blossoming and stepping beyond her limits.


  • abuse
  • bbrae
  • betrayal
  • bullying
  • cybee
  • depression
  • flinx
  • high-school
  • robstar
  • romance
  • teen-titans
nylah_moly nylah_moly Jun 09, 2016
Are the character last names made up... ? Could I possibly use them if they are for my story....?
Snowyowel Snowyowel Jul 03, 2016
This sounds really good (Terra's the enemy when she gets hate ha ha. Did u kno someone made a book about why she should be hated? And then called me a b!tch when I told her she took it to far wtf) I'm still reading it tho.....
thotmasjefferson thotmasjefferson Feb 18, 2017
Is it Beast Boy or is it Malchior??? The comments are cunfuzzling meeee!!!
nightfall_rift nightfall_rift Apr 05, 2015
@cristyamsNo1champ Actually Raven is truly her real name, Rachel is just a name for her on Earth, and I like the name Raven better than Rachel but thank you anyway :]
-SASHI- -SASHI- Apr 05, 2015
what about Arella to Ella and use Ravens actual name, Rachel
                              jus a lil suggestion
everyelement_ everyelement_ Mar 16, 2015
You write really well, unlike other fanfics where their grammar is that of a kindergartner's...! Sorry, but I'm a Grammar Nazi sometimes >.<