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Mated to the Beast (Book 2)

Mated to the Beast (Book 2)

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Bambi By bambifriendly Updated Jan 13, 2016

Soulmate Series: Book Two

(I'm still in the middle of writing the first book, and no, you do not have to read that one to understand this one.)

He is known for his killings. People call him the devil in disguise. He's ruthless. He's a living breathing nightmare. They call him the beast. 

She's young, innocent. Doesn't have much friends, kind of a loner. In her world, she doesn't really exist. Sadly, she doesn't want to exist. And worst of all, she's mated to the beast.

ON HOLD UNTIL I FINISH, "Her Human Mate." Sorry for the inconvenience.

artimes_22 artimes_22 Feb 29, 2016
Oh it went wonderful but do tell me how'd your nightly time on the street corner opening your legs for everything that walks by go?
Daydream_Paradise Daydream_Paradise Feb 09, 2016
Y did i think this was a Harry Potter/Mafia smashup i was thinkin  they borrowed money from Valdemort who is in the mafia
Vudimara Vudimara Jan 19, 2016
Oh how did your nightly carry of your masters packages go? You Jackass. Oh I'm sorry, I mean donkey. You rotten excuse for a horse. You wanna step up?
_losing_it_ _losing_it_ Jan 19, 2016
If I had a sister that was werewolf I would probably not believe her unless she shifted in front of me and Showed me her mate just sayin
Azurah1 Azurah1 Dec 09, 2015
Technically they're aunt and niece, but still family is family. So what the hell is wrong with her?
CleverlyCoCo CleverlyCoCo Dec 07, 2015
She's the worst sister. I don't have a sister, but I'm positive this not how you act.