Forced Into Submission

Forced Into Submission

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Her body was moving quicker. I knew she was building fast. Now I moved my mouth back to her clit as I inserted two fingers into her. With my mouth sucking her clit and my fingers flying in and out of her cunt, she arched her head and back and slammed her cunt into my mouth!

I pulled away slowly taking my mouth off her clit, still rotating my fingers in and out off her slowly as possible. 

"Do you submit?" I asked her.  She took a minute. "Go To Hell!" She moaned. 

Damien Michael's, the most powerful man in the United States. Camille is a beautiful, smart mouth, strong willed, and tempting women. What Camille and the rest of the world doesn't know is that Mr. Michaels is a Dominant. 

While Camille works under Mr. Michael's, their always seem to be an argument. That's Until Mr.Michaels Had Enough. If it's one thing he will do It will be for her to submit to him. 

The only question is, how long will she holds out before she's finally forced into submission? Or could this be a love story gone wrong ?

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iblurry iblurry Sep 17
Barely finished with the first chapter and I relate to just about everything
omggitsaya omggitsaya Sep 08, 2016
This line is so similar to the line in fifty shades of Grey 😂😂
HelenDark1 HelenDark1 Apr 13, 2016
You weren't kidding about the sexual scenes were you. *backs away slowly*
MikaelsonTargaryen MikaelsonTargaryen Jun 27, 2016
All I can think is Cami from The Originals right now 😂😂😂
BeingUs BeingUs Mar 04, 2016
Ya know when we eating y'all out and y'all get real close so y'all push y'all p**** in our face yeah bîtch we can breath-Twitter 
                              Yall no when we sucking ya dîck and grab our head and push us down more yeah bîtch you killin us-Twitter
kay-kay102601 kay-kay102601 Sep 10, 2016
Well it's a good thing I ignore my alarms so I could continue the dream