Forced Into Submission

Forced Into Submission

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Her body was moving quicker. I knew she was building fast. Now I moved my mouth back to her clit as I inserted two fingers into her. With my mouth sucking her clit and my fingers flying in and out of her cunt, she arched her head and back and slammed her cunt into my mouth!

I pulled away slowly taking my mouth off her clit, still rotating my fingers in and out off her slowly as possible. 

"Do you submit?" I asked her.  She took a minute. "Go To Hell!" She moaned. 

Damien Michael's, the most powerful man in the United States. Camille is a beautiful, smart mouth, strong willed, and tempting women. What Camille and the rest of the world doesn't know is that Mr. Michaels is a Dominant. 

While Camille works under Mr. Michael's, their always seem to be an argument. That's Until Mr.Michaels Had Enough. If it's one thing he will do It will be for her to submit to him. 

The only question is, how long will she holds out before she's finally forced into submission? Or could this be a love story gone wrong ?

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zzstarlol zzstarlol Jan 01
Sixth........ He must be a magician if he doing wonders in dem legs and dreams.......girl damn😏😍😂
Oh hell nah bitch I accidentally hit my horn you better chill
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Wtf is wrong with you. People read stories to find out what happens, not for them to be spoiled on chapter fûcking one smfh @ShazarieaRogers
Really...just right in front of my salad! Oh okay! *sits back and tightens seat belt* Bet. Here we go then lol.
Lol everybody was ready for that action😘😋😛😂😂 
                              Author are such teases😂😂😂😂😂
Minie1026 Minie1026 Dec 13, 2017
This going to be awkward for me cause that's me and Mom's nicknames... Both of them