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The Elite Club Of People Who've Seen Gerard Way Naked.

The Elite Club Of People Who've Seen Gerard Way Naked.

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Frank is a hopelessly short, hopelessly desperate, and just generally hopeless highschooler, whose only friend is the amazingly tall kid with the 'fro: Ray Toro. School is mundane, school is just, well, school: Lindsey Ballato is a goddess, Pete Wentz is a MySpace whore, and Brendon Urie totally deserved getting kicked in the balls last summer, but then Mikey fucking Way turns up and before Frank knows it he's over at the Way household and swooning over an unfairly hot older brother who has totally just made out with an overly casual Lindsey Ballato.

And that's not even to mention Gerard's past and sort of ex-boyfriend Bert McCracken who he kind of did, kind of didn't leave in the old town he and Mikey just moved from, but what is for sure is that Gerard Way can't help but stare at Mikey's sort of best friend, Frank, just a little too much.

But Gerard is older and sort of world's away from Frank's league: he's like Lindsey Ballato - unobtainable and godly, and most definitely a member of the elite sex club that Frank reckons Lindsey's involved in.

And this elite club of people who've seen Gerard Way naked? Let's say, Frank Iero wants in... to Gerard's pants. However Mikey thinks that it's less of a club and more of a support group.

I got a migraine my pain will range from up down and side ways thank god it's Friday cause Friday's will always be better then Sunday's cause Sunday's are my suicide days I don't know why they always seem so dismal thunder clouds snow storm and a slight  drizzle
the pans are coming from the east. we bring our weapons (literal frying pans) and we will fight you. beware.
Im_trash_hi Im_trash_hi Apr 13
Ohhhhhh ok I thought he was gonna get peed on for some reason
Im_trash_hi Im_trash_hi Apr 13
Plz tell me I'm not the only one who read the title and thought "is Frank gonna get peed on..?)
Dude my 6th grade science teachers name was miss Whelan wtffffffff
Im_trash_hi Im_trash_hi Apr 13