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All the earth is torn asunder.

There used to be grass, and the sun used to be golden. Children played outside, climbing trees with smiles on their faces and grass stains on their knees. People worried about a million things that would soon be irrelevant, continuing without a clue of the disaster to come.

Centuries later, what little is left of humanity survives in a society constructed beneath the surface of a glass dome, the world outside converted to little more than a desert wasteland. Survival is a routine rather than an effort, and all rules are surpassed by only one: if you want to survive, you never leave the dome. There's nothing alive out there. The radiation that soaks the earth makes sure of that.

Until one day, someone finds a bloody, dust-covered handprint on the outside of the glass.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

Book 1 of the Burning Series

Highest ranking: #13 in Adventure on 03/04/16

She makes it sound like they would actually do something terrible.. 😂😂
                              The faith she has in her friend js there..
                              CAN YOH FEEL IT?!
TheRainCode TheRainCode May 26, 2016
Skywalker... Rouge (one)!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 lol-lol-lol!!!
TheRainCode TheRainCode May 26, 2016
Out of town? So, does that mean that this dome area is HUGEer than i thought?
eden-grace eden-grace Oct 16, 2016
this book is already so great, you've painted an incredible picture of this world while getting me completely hooked!
TheRainCode TheRainCode May 26, 2016
WAY better than Divergent, already!!! I love it!!! This is a type of book that I wish I had written before you! But, you got it first! 😉 unique names, cool place, awesome back-ground story!!! I LOVE IT!!!
LeOoOo6 LeOoOo6 Jan 10
How does one be out of town when under a dome? Does this mean like the lower levels or?????