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Claire Warren felt like she had her life under control; she kicked ass at her job as an investment banker, had her own condo overlooking the City and spent her personal time knocking back G&T's at some of Toronto's hottest bars.  

Everything was perfect.... 

Well it was  perfect until her douche bag of an ex boyfriend, Parker, up and got married to the first woman he dated after he dumped Claire because he "wasn't ready for marriage".  

Yeah, ouch.  

Hearing of Parker's wedding, Claire decided that she had enough of trying to find "Mr. Right" - it never seemed to work out anyways.  Instead, she'd start to love like a man and look for "Mr. Right Now".

Construction worker, Gabe Darrow, had enough of dating; he was ready to find the one.  The problem was all the women he seemed to attract were the same; women who barely got themselves through high school without getting knocked up and who rarely thought of anything beyond when the next episode of "Desperate Housewives of Who Even Cares" was on.   

Gabe was about to give up dating altogether until he met Claire; a woman who was the exact opposite of the women he was used to... Too bad for him, that Claire was through with dating. 

**MATURE LANGUAGE AND SEXY TIMES** (you've been warned)

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FionaMarsden FionaMarsden Sep 21, 2015
Don't forget to mark as completed if you are finished the story.
ToriMinard ToriMinard Aug 07, 2015
It should be construction worker Gabe Darrow. You don't need to set off his name with commas in this case.
FallonDeMornay FallonDeMornay Jul 31, 2015
Mmmmmm love the idea of a Mr Right Now plot. This is going to be interesting ;)
SallyMason1 SallyMason1 Jul 16, 2015
I like the pitch - the only thing what is not clear to me is your definition of "a bunch of Mr. Right Nows". I take this to mean some one night stands but I think it could be confusing (and my interpretation might not be correct)
LizCharnes LizCharnes Jul 16, 2015
Here's something, if you need a sentence: 
                              Roles are reversed when Investment Banker Claire meets construction worker Gabe.  Claire thinks she's in control, but  when love sneaks in, plans go awry. 
                              It's a thought!
- - Jul 09, 2015
Have you seen the wattpad / harlequin contest they are holding now? This would be perfect for it