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Margareth Valley By MargarethV Completed

A shudder escapes me as he breathes into my neck. If he wasn't the Deimos I knew, he was obviously his beast.

"Mark." The beast demands nibbling at the soft flesh of my neck. I trashed in his arms, "No, stop! I won't forgive you, I'll hate you!" I snarled, twisting and turning my body. The beast, known as Deimos' wolf, growls. "Stop!" I screech, my screams sounds of echoes in the empty forest. He suddenly sinks his canines into my bare neck, I released a deathly yelp, before falling into a sleepless slumber.

Hopefully this was just a nightmare, and I'd soon awaken.

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[Created: March 14, 2015]
[Ended: Around August 28, 2015]

Crappy grammar, and confusing storyline. 

You have been warned...

koolcratz_66 koolcratz_66 Jul 29, 2016
She's believed she can fly( leap )  she believe she can touch the sky ( ground safely ) she thinks about every night and day ( I the heat of the moment really ) spread her wings and fly a away ! ( really all she did was jump out of an freaking window )
avecsgalve avecsgalve Apr 04, 2016
Btw, Deimos means fear in either latin or greek... I was waiting for the right time to use that name but now I wont use it at all XD
divergentlover_ divergentlover_ Apr 18, 2016
Omg I read shît and not shift and I was like 'This is no time to have a poo m8'
RAINBOWParadise2793 RAINBOWParadise2793 Jul 15, 2016
Naaaaaaah bitch 
                              U didn't jump to ur freedom
                              U jumped to your death
CaptainFoodLover CaptainFoodLover Aug 10, 2016
If two guys were carrying me I would obviously try to thrash around to get out of their grip but once I knew I'm not going anywhere I would just be like "fine carry me" and then they would carry me like a princess coz I'm too lazy to walk 😂😂
StefLena StefLena Feb 02, 2016
I dislike werewolf stories when the Luna or any female mate run. WHY???????????