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Margareth Valley By MargarethV Completed

A shudder escapes me as he breathes into my neck. If he wasn't the Deimos I knew, he was obviously his beast.

"Mark." The beast demands nibbling at the soft flesh of my neck. I trashed in his arms, "No, stop! I won't forgive you, I'll hate you!" I snarled, twisting and turning my body. The beast, known as Deimos' wolf, growls. "Stop!" I screech, my screams sounds of echoes in the empty forest. He suddenly sinks his canines into my bare neck, I released a deathly yelp, before falling into a sleepless slumber.

Hopefully this was just a nightmare, and I'd soon awaken.

[Highest Rank: #12]
[Created: March 14, 2015]
[Ended: Around August 28, 2015]

Crappy grammar, and confusing storyline. 

You have been warned...

koolcratz_66 koolcratz_66 Jul 29, 2016
She's believed she can fly( leap )  she believe she can touch the sky ( ground safely ) she thinks about every night and day ( I the heat of the moment really ) spread her wings and fly a away ! ( really all she did was jump out of an freaking window )
avecsgalve avecsgalve Apr 04, 2016
Btw, Deimos means fear in either latin or greek... I was waiting for the right time to use that name but now I wont use it at all XD
divergentlover_ divergentlover_ Apr 18, 2016
Omg I read shît and not shift and I was like 'This is no time to have a poo m8'
RAINBOWParadise2793 RAINBOWParadise2793 Jul 15, 2016
Naaaaaaah bitch 
                              U didn't jump to ur freedom
                              U jumped to your death
LyssaLoo521 LyssaLoo521 Feb 19
No ones gonna comment that his nose looks like Dumbledore's?
                              Haha just kidding.
                              But Dumbledore's nose was broken on multiple occasions....
CaptainFoodLover CaptainFoodLover Aug 10, 2016
If two guys were carrying me I would obviously try to thrash around to get out of their grip but once I knew I'm not going anywhere I would just be like "fine carry me" and then they would carry me like a princess coz I'm too lazy to walk 😂😂