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Never be alone (BoyxBoy) (SupermanxBatman)

Never be alone (BoyxBoy) (SupermanxBatman)

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IshipZedxShen By IshipZedxShen Updated Jun 18, 2015

The wind was chill. The temperature was fairly warm and the sky was clear just enough to see the glowing constellations. Everything seems perfect. Except for one thing. And that one thing is my aching heart. Images if Clark and Lois devouring each other faces up flash into my brain. And the ache worsen. It hurts. It hurts a lot  to see the one you love kissing someone else. I knew it was too good to be true. I knew that I never had a chance but a part of me told me I could. I knew I shouldn't have listen to it. It would only end up blowing up in my face. And it did. That's why I'm done. I'm done with love. And I'm especially done with life. I'm a disgrace to the superhero community. I'm gay for God sakes. Plus, I can't even capture Joker even if my life depends on it. That why I'm ending it. Once and for all. This is Batman saying farewell and this is Bruce Wayne saying I had a good run. Taking a deep breath before I leave this world, I jumped off bridge.

yoseph_dian yoseph_dian Apr 24
I think matt bomer better be clark. Because he looks like a greek god. Hehehe
If I have to sit in silence only listening to a metronome I will undoubtedly go insane
RitsuxTakano1 RitsuxTakano1 Oct 13, 2016
this might sound weird but I know everything about oliver gween from the show like omgh
LittleRedd0 LittleRedd0 Sep 29, 2016
Well. I didn't know my macho-Senpi could be such a cute fanboy XD I'm loving it.
NightingaleB07 NightingaleB07 Dec 18, 2016
That shitt is annoying when you have one going in your room nonstop at night when you're TRYING to sleep.
WhatTheJelly WhatTheJelly Aug 21, 2015
Yesh I have developed a weird obsession with batxsuper ;-; feed meh *holds out baby hands*