Her Name Was Macie (First book in the series 'MATES')

Her Name Was Macie (First book in the series 'MATES')

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Hi there! My name's Kourtney and I'm totally and completely madly in love with my little mate Macie.

 Yes, were both female werewolves, and I've already heard all of the shit people talk about us. How we shouldn't mate and all this other bull. Truth is, when you're in love.. it seems like you're the only two people in the world. But there are some hateful people in this world who will stop at nothing to take that away along with our new found happiness in life.

 Macie is mine and I am hers. I will not stop protecting or loving  her and to those ignorant hateful people who tries to take her from me: 

I won't hesitate to kill a bitch.

macemace1213 macemace1213 Aug 28, 2016
I have never none anyone with the same first name that spells it exactly like I do. "Macie"
travellers__ travellers__ Dec 19, 2015
The Care Bears really? Beware of the Care Bears. 
                              I can't. No. Omg. Hahhahahahah dead
ThatSoDirectioner ThatSoDirectioner May 18, 2015
how is this the sequel it says it's the first book and also the other book say its book 2.
wolfspirit0911 wolfspirit0911 May 05, 2015
for a second I thought it said RidgeWood which is the high school I'm going to.......
theclockstruck12 theclockstruck12 Jan 07, 2015
imagine  introducing ur self to a enemy pack or for business
KillTheDJ_2000 KillTheDJ_2000 May 09, 2014
Oh my bloody god. Are you three? The care bare pack? Really? Ok. Please. No. Just no. No way. I'm sorry but come on. Really?