London, England, 1859. A city swarming with the forgotten ones. The ones that nobody cares about, the ones that have been forsaken, the ones that are left to steal or starve. The ones like this little orphan child... After Sally is mysteriously abandoned by her brother, she is left to survive on her own in the dark streets of London. The end of the year is nigh and so is Sally's fate...
Starvation isn't really an emotion... More of an act, or a situation.
Beautifully written and very touching. Reminds me a bit of H. C Andersen fairytale. Very sad! Keep up the good writing! 
                                    Would you mind reading my story "lost"? It would mean a lot to me :)
This is a very good plot! I think it was a had a bit to complex of a vocabulary for an orphan-child's point of view, considering what we know of Sally's background. Other than that, great concept!
Wow thats powerful! Ugh thats so sad though! It was really like that too at the begining of the industrial revolution in England and America. You are a really talented writer! Keep up the great work!