A wallpad ORANGE

A wallpad ORANGE

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T. J. P.   CAMPBELL By tjpcampbell Completed

This novel follows the incredible journey of the indomitable Julie and Sally who, despite insurmountable odds, aim to give Humanity a chance of rising out of the ashes of a dystopian apocalypse. The dynamic inimitable  duo aim to defeat the nefarious Orwellian wallpad corporation.
                wallpad IS WATCHING YOU!
                             FAKE is REAL
                      FAILURE is SUCCESS
                  STUPIDITY is  BRILLIANCE

A wallpad ORANGE is a 136,000 word dystopian sci-fi novel by T. J. P. Campbell divided into 69 chapters. It is a proof-read pre-published version with good grammar and punctuation.

The published version has a style improvement. Amazon at present does not allow the published versions to be read on other publishing systems. Minimal images included for speed of reading on phones and laptops.

Soon to be published in 2020. This novel is completely original.

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