Starting Over (Tadashi x Reader)

Starting Over (Tadashi x Reader)

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stuck in the past By MayukoTakai Updated Nov 06

(F/N) lost her parents to a murderer, her home to finances, and the only sibling she ever had to a fire. What else could go wrong? A lot of things.....she is moving from the place she called home and where so many memories were held. She's being taken to Sanfransokyo somewhere across the world, she's never been there and doesn't expect life to improve. Taken in by a mysterious couple and given a life she never thought existed can she move on alone, or does she need the help of a certain robotics major in a baseball cap?
                                                                                                                                 This is my first BH6 story

This is told in the eyes of two people. You of course and an 8 year old and so forth. Don't judge if it sounds childish. 

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leyamnm leyamnm Nov 06
You write extremely well and you are very punctual as well as descriptive!
pinkrose721 pinkrose721 Jun 29
I'm not sure when this was published, but it's great so far!
-Frisk- -Frisk- Jun 14
Can we just talk about how Fred looks in the cover? 😂😂
RosebudLavender RosebudLavender Jun 21, 2015
this was a great start! :D now I'm super curious as to who my adoptive parents are!!!