Forget Me (sequel to Remind Me)

Forget Me (sequel to Remind Me)

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Haven By hghrules Completed

*sequel to Remind Me*

After losing his memory (and then regaining it) (and then losing it again) (and then getting it back one more time), Sky can't seem to get over the fact that he killed the girl he loved.

Then he meets Alesa.

Alesa is sweet, caring, funny – really, she's perfect for Sky. But sometimes power can go to peoples' heads, and then bad things are bound to happen.

While Sky fights to get over Dawn (managing to ignore Ty and get a bit too close to Alesa in the process), Ty gets better acquainted with the giant toaster, Quentin realizes a flaw in his earlier 'save the city from TNT' plan, and Seto learns about erosion and the consequences of not properly disposing of dangerous potions. Will the Team make it through, or is this their last adventure?

*I promise later I'll make the cover less stupid. XD*

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SunmayTheScattered SunmayTheScattered May 17, 2017
Ty, there's an actual logical explanation to that. He enchanted a helmet, then sat on the sea bed.
paytatoe9913 paytatoe9913 Sep 13, 2015
But- But- ;-; Ty seems like hes secertly so sad about it but hiding it ;-;;;;;;
paytatoe9913 paytatoe9913 Sep 13, 2015
Omg Im laughing so hard i just found this book by typing in #returnofthegianttoaster XD
tda2019 tda2019 Mar 15, 2015
Wait explain that to me? HOW IS THE CIRCUMFERENCE OF THE SUN "YES"?