Remind Me

Remind Me

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Haven By hghrules Completed

In a jump map gone wrong, Sky loses his memories of his friends, the Sky Army, and his hatred for squids... He also forgets that 'budder' is actually gold. OH NO!

*This was originally posted on, but I figured I'd post the series here for ease of access.*

**No, there are no gay ships in this. There are implied and joking gay ships, but no actual gay ships. Yeah, I don't do many of these 'normal' fanfiction, do I? XD You can take most of the book as a shipfic, though, depending on how you look at it...**

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NanoByter NanoByter May 28
really Seto? What gave you the idea that this WASNT serious?!
Oh my Gods! IT'S THE END OF THE WORLD! (The G-word has been spoken!)
NanoByter NanoByter May 28
XD he says this as if it's completely normal
                              It probably is tho...
NanoByter NanoByter May 28
I wonder where that idea came from.....?
                              PERSONA (anyone get the reference?)
I love how Sky is still somewhat Sky, even though he doesn't remember anything