Unbreakable➳ Lahey [book 2]

Unbreakable➳ Lahey [book 2]

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Ashley By akalei Updated Apr 21

Everything's different. She's changed. And Daire Argent has no idea if thats a good thing. Peter Hale is dead. The string of murders he committed as an Alpha have been solved. But now, Derek has taken the role of Alpha and is turning teenagers faster than ever. But it isn't just the Hale family who has lost a member. Daire's mom, Kate Argent has been laid to rest. Light is shed on her violation of the code and a new face appears. Daire's grandfather, Gerard Argent head of her family's werewolf hunters has come to Beacon Hills and he's even crazier than her mom. He's declared war. Yet amongst Derek's new pack of teenaged wolves and a power crazed hunter, a new enemy lurks in the shadows. One who's only purpose is to kill. As the lines between good and evil are blurred, unlikely alliances are formed and a new werewolf captures Daire's heart. Everyone comes to realize...

                        Daire's no longer a broken little weapon someone can control.

                                                               She's Unbreakable.
                                                                     {Season 2}

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In the last book Peter mentioned her father. Who is her dad?
bubbleyumklutz bubbleyumklutz Dec 03, 2015
I really like book 1 now I like the start of this book if you could update as soon as possible that would be amazing