Austin Mahone Imagines (Featuring Foolish 4)

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Izzy By MissesAustinMahone Updated 2 years ago
I will write Austin Mahone, Robert Villanueva, Zach Dorsey, Alex Constancio, Dustin, and even Carter imagines for you guys.     but heres the thing, I will only write personal imagines if you guys kik me @ izzygibson_1D     if you comment telling me your preference, I will not respond. you will only get an imagine if you kik me.     and the things you need to kik me are-  what boy: (only ones that I listed above)  Dirty or sweet:  Your name:  Any other preferences:     oh and also, if you guys want I will also write threesomes for you mahoes. and someone on twitter asked me if I could write a gay imagine for auslex kinda like the whole larry stylinson thing and my answer is yes if that's what you want.  and if you guys don't have a kik then you can dm me on twitter @clarktastic but im still not guaranteeing anything bc I always check my kik and barely my dms but I will try for you guys.
hey can u please make me a long dirty imagine with austin mahone??
Can you make me a  dirty alex one please @MissesAustinMahone
Fantastic. I'm a mahomie! Please make me one. :"> please please? sweet . dirty , or watever. its up to you. <3 but dirty one lonnnggg is the best! LOL! :)))))))
haha would you nd making me one?? Dirty? Possibly Long?? ;)
                                    Please??? :)
Ommmggggggg!!!!!!!!! I loved it!<3 Thank you so much! :):):):):):):))