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Shizaya Mpreg

Shizaya Mpreg

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Elizabeth Ethel Cordelia Midford By LizzyMidford Updated Jan 30

A/N My first Mpreg! This is my third book involving Shizaya. .. I bet they'd be scared of me XoD
Anyway, plot

Shinra has xome up with a product to completely change the view of repopulation and maybe even homophobia, a drug that allows men to reproduce without the need of a female. Just one problem... it hasn't been tested on humans yet...

So, he calls his favorite guinea pig,  Izaya Orihara. Izaya agrees with little question,  being 'busy'.

In reality, Izaya had just had a break up with his boyfriend,  and was simply in a rush to get to a bar and forget. 

Shizuo just happes to be there at just the correct time to see him leave, both drunk off thier asses of course.

As it turns out the drug works! For now anyway.

A/N So yeah. Hope it sounds interesting. .. I'll update chapter one soon. I'm just a little busy at the moment. I could never forget about yall though, so I had to at least post this. 

foxylike123 foxylike123 Nov 14, 2016
I suck at smut too, but then I read smut fanfictions which helped
TheLonerLion TheLonerLion Oct 31, 2016
hahahahha..... this ks hilarious!!! what kind of drunk people that go hug and kiss any stranger he meets?! uh..... sorry, i remember someone like that. *cough* my *cough* aunt *Cough* although it's not so bad. we keep the alcohol away from her.
FluffeeUnicorns FluffeeUnicorns May 16, 2016
Isn't that the term used for bias against homosexuals? Or is it just for pretend? Delete this comment if it's for pretend
FluffeeUnicorns FluffeeUnicorns May 24, 2016
I'm confused as to why he would just drink it without knowing wat it is
- - Jul 14, 2016
If there was some sort of drug for homophobia, I'd be so happy. So many people I know are homophobic and it really pisses me off.
unicorngirll unicorngirll Mar 20, 2015
oh so you're just gonna start and leave me here like an aroused Izaya !(jkjk)