A World He Live In (BDSM|ManxMan) A World Series: BOOK TWO

A World He Live In (BDSM|ManxMan) A World Series: BOOK TWO

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BOOK TWO (A World series)

Can you have an abusive love?

"Scars all over my body, I felt disgusting, I look disgusting because I let him do those horrid things to me. He claims he's broken, he claims he loves me but sadly I loved him to and now I'm laying in an empty dark valley left for dead, it's the price I pay for staying with him" - Trent Mendez

Trent Mendez is broken, he's been broken for all his life, living with a man he claims to love. Trent wanted to be cherished after his brother banished him from home for being gay. Trent never asked for such hatred but in the end reality wasn't to kind. With no money left in his bank account, Trent had no choice but to beg for money. His part-time job decides to fire him and so far Trent believes he's bad luck. 

Without letting his best friend Seb Underwood know about his situation, his feisty friend found out and determine to help. Trent didn't want his pity but Seb had an offer he can't refuse and now he's working along side with Seb sliding down a strip pole, it's easy cash and Trent needs money to survive.  With a crazy obsessive abusive ex-boyfriend on the side, Trent is determine to keep a low profile until his beauty catches an attention from a Dominant and not just any Dominant, it's Master Paul and once Master Paul wants something, he gets it.

fjlover fjlover Mar 28, 2017
Ahhhhh.....Yoooohooooooo....I got it...I m hella excited 😁
kayvho kayvho Jun 27, 2015
No hate, but I mean it's all the authors right to name their story whatever they like, but shouldn't it he lives
littleWolfPup2 littleWolfPup2 Apr 08, 2015
I can't wait.  I loved the first book can't wait to read this one
ThatGingerRogue ThatGingerRogue Apr 08, 2015
In the title, live should be lives, unless you want it past tense lived.
samanddean171 samanddean171 Mar 18, 2015
When will you update/start this story I am really looking forward to it! You are an amazing writer!!!!!
ClariceBookman ClariceBookman Mar 15, 2015
You make some of the greatest books.  I can not wait until this one is updated.