Just A Glance (A StingLu Fanfic)

Just A Glance (A StingLu Fanfic)

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Lokey Phantomhive By LokeyP Updated May 20, 2015

Stupid Wattpad stupidly deleted the stupid descriptions to most of my stupid stories. 

I felt my description for this story was really good, too! Compared to my others, at least. 

But I promise this story isn't (that) bad! I have good grammar because I be a nerd and it's not cliché!

(By that I mean, Natsu does not kick Lucy out of the guild, it's not Natsu and Sting competing for Lucy's attention, etc.)

Okay, fine. If you must know, it's about Lucy and Sting getting a crush on each other during the GMG. But she's just a toy to him and she KNEW HE WAS TROUBLE SINCE HE WALKED IN

But then stuff that I haven't planned out yet but have vaguely thought about happens and we get to see if Sting really loves Lucy or if he's just TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE 

Also I'm not the best writer so I can't promise any feelz attacks but I can promise the ending is TOTALLY UNEXPECTED 

Like, you're thinking, oh yeah stings gonna end up loving her haha 

Well NO 

I can't spoil oh no no more characters l-

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iitmeangie iitmeangie Jun 23, 2017
Since he broke the 4th wall CAN I BREAK IT ALSO? * says it in little liza koshy voice*
StrangerThings-_ StrangerThings-_ May 30, 2017
Because he is dumb and he needs someone to tutor him for 2+2
FreyaValerie FreyaValerie Nov 18, 2017
I like Stinglu but Nali hate it , what ship for Natsu he dies single XD
Celestial_Bangtan Celestial_Bangtan Aug 04, 2016
LaLu and StingLu are the best ships but I officially like StingLu more, but I also a little bit like LaLu
Miss_NaLu_Shipper Miss_NaLu_Shipper Jul 28, 2016
How can you like graylu (no offense) but there horrible for each other. Gray doesn't like lucy and lucy dosent like gray. Not trying to be a hater but........ NALU FOREVER!!!!!
followmeziia followmeziia Jun 29, 2016
Dafuq Hiro Mashima broke the fourth wall jus to tell her about Nalu rather than Sticy???
                              Well then the world is officially effed up
                              Well Wth