DMs // hemmings [editing]

DMs // hemmings [editing]

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"Patience is a virtue."

Or not, in this case.

© -wastethenight, 2015

tw: cheating, drugs, death

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I feel as though this song is not noticed enough T but I freakiNG LOVE IT
i have such a spiritual connection to this song, so much to where i'm so emotionally attached that i nearly sob every time it comes on omg😂😍
hemmsos hemmsos Jul 12
please go check out my new fan fiction about TINDER and LUKE HEMMINGS :) I’ll be sure to follow all you guys back, and check out your works as well!
take me back to the middle of nowhere, 
                              back to the place only you and i share
                              remember all the memories? 
                              the fireflies and make believe
I'm so late to the party but ROAM, Broadside & Knuckle Puck are my JAMS
_suburbia _suburbia May 08
I thought of Crowley from spn and idk why like he has no virtues