Be My Kingsman| Eggsy Unwin

Be My Kingsman| Eggsy Unwin

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Savannah By Fangirl_Dreamer18 Updated 20 minutes ago

Before Eggsy was recruited to be a Kingsman, his life was no better than that of a street rat. With an abusive step-father and his idiot step-brothers that constantly made his life a living hell, he didn't have much. The only thing that made all of it worth it was his best friend and girlfriend, Ariella Makean. She is a brown-haired, quiet girl with an awesome fashion sense, but could still make a snide remark for sexists pigs (*cough* Rottweiler).

A year after V-Day, Eggsy finds out she is being recruited to be a Kingsman and let's just say he's not to on board with the idea. However, what if all the dangers he fears she has to face, she already has? How will the both of them react to seeing each other again? And what does "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters" have to do with any of this?

[WARNING: There will be alot of cursing and little to mild sexual content. If that ain't your cup tea, DO NOT READ! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!]

heyximxme heyximxme Jan 27, 2016
Here comes the Supernatural fandom! Because 1) EGGSY ISN'T BOBBY *LE CRI* 2) THAT ISN'T HOW YOU SPELL 'IDJIT' *LE SOB*
smileybae122101 smileybae122101 Jun 08, 2015
Just read the first chapter and already want them to have kids is that bad 
loveczr loveczr Apr 11, 2015
you put x-men and kingsman together, two of my favorite movies ever. I love it
journalistSZ journalistSZ Mar 17, 2015
Like the book so far!!! Even though you give me early updates I still reread it!
journalistSZ journalistSZ Mar 15, 2015
it sounds like a great book!!! Never seen the movie, but your summary was written very well.  Can't wait for you to update!!! Wish you luck.