Dangerous Love (Derek Hale/Teen Wolf)

Dangerous Love (Derek Hale/Teen Wolf)

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Rebekah Lynne By rebekahlthompson Updated Apr 26

After a night in the woods, Scott McCall and his twin sister, Synthea, are thrown into the world of werewolves. While searching for a body with her brother and best friend, Synthea is attacked and bitten by a wild animal. When she wakes up, she finds herself bandaged up and at home. Synthea learns that the mysterious and brooding Derek Hale is the one saved her. 
When Synthea starts falling for Derek, she wonders if he will ever feel the same way for her. Can Derek feel love? Will he be able to protect her from the Alpha that's murdering people and the hunters that are trying to kill her? And more importantly, will he teach her to find control?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the Teen Wolf characters!! I only own the characters I make up. The updates will not be fast because I have to watch and analyze the show as well as listen to everything they say.


Hi! You should just google transcripts of the show, that's what some people do anyway.
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