Kidnapped By The Alpha

Kidnapped By The Alpha

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Sam By SamanthaVR Updated Dec 23, 2015

"I will never be yours. Get that through your thick skull!" I yelled and threw myself on to the master bed. 

"You already are mine, Princess. You will not leave this room until you learn that you can not escape from me." He told me and advanced towards the bed I was laying on. 

"Don't you get it. I don't want to be with you. I will never want to be with you or be your mate!" His face darkened at my every word.

He grabbed me by my ankle and pulled me towards him roughly. He placed his hand on the back of my neck, forcing me to face him. 

"I'm sorry to disappoint you. But you are already mine and forever will be mine even if I have to strap you to this bed post." He told me with a growl and an arrogant smirk. 

"Go to Hell!" I yelled with anger as our noses touched. He just laughed a humorless dark laugh and whispered in my ear," Fine. As long as you come with me." 

I thought he would leave after, but then I felt his luscious lips meet mine.

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Or ask her to dinner? Maybe act normal for a day? Don’t scare her!!!
nadashz72 nadashz72 Apr 30, 2017
I thought she was going to jump out of the window or something
UserNameTakinByMe UserNameTakinByMe May 29, 2017
Oh man this is EXACTLY how I wanna meet my husband who's babies I will carry, who's dinner I will cook, and who's house I will clean
UserNameTakinByMe UserNameTakinByMe May 29, 2017
If I was her I'd try the window in the bedroom also since when are they in a house I thought they were on a plane
UserNameTakinByMe UserNameTakinByMe May 29, 2017
Omg literally on Wattpad they are either AMAZING at making food or burn toast and almost burn the kitchen down with it like literally not true
lexi_the_book_worm lexi_the_book_worm Apr 04, 2016
Bruh.... No u don't.... There is this wonderful, harmless thing called dating... Get to know each other... Tell her the truth after a while... And live happy together!!!! Not kidnaping!!!!