Dear Future Husband

Dear Future Husband

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Do you ever wonder who you're going to marry?? Who that lucky person that you'll get to love for the rest of your life will be??
Kathryne did. She wondered who her husband would be. What he looked like, what he did for a living, if he wanted to be a father...all of it.
She never had any real luck with men. She dated of course, but never found her Mr. Right. Her sisters were already married. One of them was even pregnant. When would her time come?? When would she get to experience the joy that they felt??
It wasn't until one day after a conversation with her mother that Kathryne finally realizes that she needs to be patient.
In that patience, she decides to write. Write to her future husband letters about herself, the things she's doing, and even feeling so they can be that much closer when they're married.
What Kathryne doesn't realize, is that she'll marry the last man that she ever thought she would.


Read more about Kathryne and her romantic rollercoaster in this book!!
Please comment what you think, like, or even don't like.
Happy reading!!

Book two: Love Letters of Senoia is out now!

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SachuSangee SachuSangee Nov 30, 2017
Hahah u know y I hv started reading this book bsc I am actually writing a dairy for My future husband till he finds me Hahha 😆😆 tats pretty matches with dis Sooo yea 👍👍
dolltina34 dolltina34 9 hours ago
Oh bummer. But cheer up. Your future husband is gonna be sexier. I have a good feeling
dolltina34 dolltina34 9 hours ago
I wish there there was a company in real life that deals with things like this. Mysterious future stuff, you know. 
                              It would be cool.
bushilaoshi bushilaoshi Feb 04, 2017
Awww but if it's gonna take a long time. Make sure he loves you enough to read all of them. 💪😉