Falling for Nightwing

Falling for Nightwing

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Nightwing Lover By MochaLovexx Completed

"It's easy to love, but it's rare to find someone to be IN love with. So once you get them, never lose them." 

Because you never know, the perfect one could be living right up the hall, and you'd never see it coming. 

<< More of a Dick Grayson FanFic but whatever >>

[First Book ever written and unedited. My apologies for my mistakes]

That would be the guy who's taking u out do take out and u just met that fricken day
umm_____ umm_____ Jul 02
Ironic how he doesn't know how to use chopsticks but knows how to use a bat-a-rang etc.
yummy i love salmon but this awsome too and fried rice ....i share....O.o nahhh we both get are own cuz we loveee rice YAY! I a pro at chop sticks can use it on anything thats solid ...i mean soup liquid soup would not happen lol.
This was like the first book I ever read on here I love it so much so here I am again #rr
Foxallena86 Foxallena86 Nov 13
Dick Grayson...trained by THE Batman....doesn't know how use chopsticks...yeah ok.
AwesomeLoser28 AwesomeLoser28 Jul 14, 2015
If you watched the Dil Howlter series you would find this hilarious