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Dragon Slave (boyxboy)

Dragon Slave (boyxboy)

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BelamyGriffin By BelamyGriffin Updated Jul 10, 2015

Richmond is the prince of dragons, not that anybody but his over achieving brother cares though. It's a time of war and his kingdom's slowly losing against the white dragons. The white dragons a race of ancient dragons older than time and extremely powerful have wiped out all the other dragon kingdoms leaving only the black dragon race to defend themselves. As a last ditch effort the black dragons send all available dragons to the front lines. This includes Richmond and his brother. Richmond isn't a fighter, and when sent into battle cowers behind the other warriors. That is until he sees the biggest, most powerful and ferocious dragon on the battlefield, the prince of the white dragons. Oblivious to the blood stained on the white scales of the gigantic dragon, Richmond approaches him filled with a hot burning lust knowing that this dragon is his mate. When the white dragon prince sees Richmond as well he stops fighting the other black dragons and focuses on the small black dragon approaching knowing that this is his mateas well. How far will their relationship go? Will they love each other til the end of time or will they kill each other?

kozakura122 kozakura122 Dec 02, 2016
Oh no...this is bad. People always admire you when they want something from you.
Lin_Dragon_Dreyer Lin_Dragon_Dreyer Jul 29, 2015
idk why but I picture a teen Loki and Thor when I read this.
OurSeparatedSouls OurSeparatedSouls Jan 13, 2015
@iiErenJeager I know right, you guys it's a story enjoy it! I think it's fantastic.
OurSeparatedSouls OurSeparatedSouls Jan 13, 2015
same with how my mom feels about my sister and treats me like a stranger.
Geez why are you guyz being such jerks about her story... Give her a GoshDarn break e_e
KrissieBaker KrissieBaker Jun 24, 2014
I think I would of gone a little different with this verse...instead of saying in a cheery voice go more for like " dont worry about it" I said looking up at him trying to sound cheerful goping he would buy it"....good job so far though :)