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My Fallen Angel (boyxboy)

My Fallen Angel (boyxboy)

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VampireFreak_99 By VampireFreak_99 Completed

Fallen Angels are angels who rebelled against God. Lucifer was an archangel who became known as the devil or demon.  No one knew that Lucifer had a son named Rimmon. He did one thing that the angels couldn't stand and it was to sin. He had sex with a human. That is breaking the two top dangerous rules. He fell in love with a human who he liked for who he truly was. In order to keep him safe, he had to leave him. He had to leave the person he loved or else the angels would have gone after him. The thing Lucifer doesn't know is that the human had a son. His name is Jordan Rivers. Jordan Rivers is a quiet, shy nerd who has been in love with Rimmon since the first time he laid eyes on him. I mean who wouldn't be in love with him. He is everything that a gay guy could dream of. He has never looked at him since he first made eye contact because he is too scared to talk to him. Rimmon seems to be interested in someone else through Jordan's eye but he is really interested in...the shy nerd

Is this really time to be eyeballing eye candy when your dad just past out from the devil....meh seems about right
RavensGurl RavensGurl Mar 30
I love anything that had to do with mythology. Weather it be Greek, Roman, or Norse. It don't matter.
                              *Puts on gold dress and crown*
                              ALL ARE WELCOME
Normal_is_Overated Normal_is_Overated Jun 14, 2016
I love Greek mythology it's just so fascinating and amazing, I love everything about it,  it's just so interesting and perfect in my eyes
ScarletDays ScarletDays Apr 28, 2016
Question before I keep reading. Are Jordan and Rimmon both Lucifer's sons?
YaBookLoverSara YaBookLoverSara Feb 23, 2016
I just face palmed myself so hard that I left a bruise on my forehead.
vladimirs15 vladimirs15 Jun 12, 2016
Who get laid and if Lucifer is a man and he a man how did child birth go on